Updated January 11, 2014

Currently our Community Plan is in the review process which has an April, 2014 completion date.  At that time the Plan will be presented to the public and there will be a 45-day period to review and comment on the findings.  We hope the findings will align with what the community approved back in 2012.  The Planning Commissioners and Supervisors voted in support of the sites the community chose for development, and protected valuable agricultural land.  However, since then, the County has added in some agricultural sites for possible rezoning for development.  We will need to examine carefully the Plan when it is presented to ensure that our voice is represented in the finalized Community Plan, which will be a guideline for development for the next 10+ years.

Please join our email list to receive updates about upcoming meetings and to stay informed during this critical phase.  We need to be watchdogs over our community because we are at risk of incurring major changes along Hollister Ave., as well as other areas of the Eastern Goleta Valley.  When the Plan is made public we may need people to  write letters, attend meetings, speak at hearings, distribute flyers, or help with practical matters.

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