Key Dates

Currently there are no meetings scheduled until the Community Plan Draft is completed, around April, 2014.  At that time a public meeting will be held at a location in our community where the findings and recommendations will be presented.  It will be important for residents to attend that meeting.

We would appreciate you joining our email list so that we can keep you informed of these matters.

Thank you



  1. I wish you the best of luck in your efforts, actually, we will all need some luck and hard work to avoid spot zoning and uncontrolled development.
    The “hard work” part may end up being the most intractable problem. In fact the problem will probably be something less than hard work, just participation. The 2006 county election severely disappointed some of us because of the apathy of voters in the EGV. This is very difficult to overcome.
    Again, good luck.

  2. I received a flyer from SB county planning office warning me that a resident at 365 Arroyo has applied to add 250 square feet to their home. “This may affect your property,” it cautioned, and followed with several paragraphs of advice about how I might register a complaint. How could I possible object to a neighbor making so minor (and necessary) change to their home? The planning proposal that WILL AFFECT MY PROPERTY is the County’s proposal to convert large parcels that are currently zoned agricultural to high-density, low-income housing. Did anyone in our coalition receive this flyer? Did you respond as I did? If so, please email me and I will send you a copy of the letter I’ve sent to the Independent expressing my disgust. I’d like to suggest one of our group should make a similar letter to the News Press. Susan Bjork

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