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Updated January 11, 2014

Currently we are waiting for the Community Plan Draft to be completed, around April, 2014.  We’d appreciate you joining our email list so we can contact you when there is opportunity to be involved.  When we do need to have community representation it is critical to have many people attend public meetings and speak to the issues at hand.  We have mostly been focused on protecting our community from being densely urbanized, along with monitoring congestion, safety, emergency evacuation, etc.






  1. get me on your list

  2. How can a neighborhood control density when the planning commission
    allows ten (10) unrelated persons to reside or rent in a home that is zoned
    7r1 which is single family zoning. This is being done all over the place.
    This in effect has turned these homes into apartment houses which violates
    all the zoning regulations.

  3. I complety support your efforts!

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