About Us

We are a group of hard working people from various neighborhoods in the Eastern Goleta Valley (known by some as Noleta!) who gathered together in a neighbor’s living room one Saturday morning after learning that the County of Santa Barbara was proposing large development and major changes in our area. Word spread quickly and before we knew it we had 75 people show up at an impromptu neighborhood meeting!

As an outgrowth of this meeting we formed a grass roots neighborhood group that worked feverishly to learn as much as we could about

  • land use
  • zoning ordinances
  • agricultural land protections
  • and much more

We didn’t have time to get very organized, and most of what we did was through email and a few meetings. At that time one critical issue was the up-zoning of many Hope Ranch Annex neighborhoods. We passed out flyers to affected neighborhoods, which alerted more people and drew in concerned residents from the area. We made our presence and thoughts known.

          We …

  • wrote lots and lots of letters
  • attended public hearings (at inconvenient times of the day!)
  • gave public comments whenever we had the opportunity

Fortunately, we were able to stop the up-zoning of Hope Ranch Annex, but there were many other important issues where we needed to get involved.

We are at risk of losing valuable agricultural land in exchange for dense development that will change significantly change  the character of our community. We don’t consider this sensible planning. This is why we have organized some residents to speak up while we can still  make a difference, instead of one day finding bulldozers and cement trucks down the street!

We need to slow down and think about the effects of this much building. This is the common sense approach that we endorse.

We hope you will join us

Please browse our web site for more information.

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